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Sailing made easier and fun! 

Projects Completed for East Coast Race Boats

These are halyards for a Chesapeake area J120 that has done the Annapolis to Bermuda, Annapolis to Newport, and Marblehead to Halifax races. Both spinnaker halyards have Dyneema Chafe Sleeves. These are 100% Dyneema/48 plait covers that make an excellent anti-chafe application for big boats going the distance offshore. HYR is proud to report after inshore racing and offshore racing, the halyards are still going strong with no noticeable wear. 

This is a soft shackle and two 110' spin sheets for a Hinckley 42SW doing the Marion-Bermuda Race. The line is VPC from New England Ropes. VPC is blended Vectran and polyolefin core / polyester cover.

This line was chosen as a significant upgrade for a minor increase in price over Sta-Set X.

Splices on sail control lines for an i550. The goal here was to go as light as possible and as strong as needed without elevating the price outside the intentions of the i550 concept: a small performance keelboat that can be home-built and thus affordable. This boat is racing in the northern Chesapeake waters.